Jonathan Womack began leaving his body in the fall of 1965 after being frightened to death by an episode of "Lost in Space"(The fearsom Cyclops from the ep. 'There Were Giants in the Earth'). Jonathan soon found himself receiving and answering psychic distress-beacons from people around the globe, living and dead. Sharing his OBE's with friends and family led to ridicule, bewilderment, even scorn. A year later, in September of 1966, Jonathan watched Fleischer Studios' new Saturday morning cartoon, "The Adventures of Superboy" and ever since, Jonathan has begun his OBE's by separating from his body and assuming a ghostly version of a caped superhero. Jonathan's emergency calls originate in both the physical realm and the astral planes. Some distress beacons have originated from different times in the past and Jonathan opens his upcoming novel, Ram I Am, with an example of a time-traveling distress call involving 18th-century pirates.

For years, Jonathan thought he was alone. Then, in 1977 during a visit to a Greencastle, IN book store, a cover in the Metaphysical section caught his attention. Picking up the book was a defining moment in which Jonathan realized he was no longer alone. There was someone else like him and they had the courage to go public. The book was "Journeys Out of the Body" by Robert A. Monroe. The Monroe books were both validation and inspiration for Jonathan. A Cry For a Hero and Ram I Am are dedicated to Mr. Monroe for his contributions to the field of OBE research and his mild-mannered courage.

In 1985, Jonathan considered writing his superhero fantasy story, A Cry for a Hero, but the time did not feel right. He was too early. The story lingered until 1999 when Jonathan's spirit guide said it's time... Jonathan began writing the manuscript, blending some of his experiences into the story and basing the book's villain on the little-known Osama Bin Laden. The dream was the same as every other author, of one-day having your book turned into a Hollywood blockbuster franchise, thereby granting his message to a wider audience. Jonathan was writing the climactic end scene when 9/11 struck. The fact that it happened on his birthday was eerily prophetic. After shelving the MS, Jonathan realized the story needed to be told.


Jonathan pitched his manuscript to nine New-York pubs and later received nine rejection letters. Jonathan tried the vanity press route, paying thousands of dollars to have his book edited, typeset, and printed, ending up with boxes of generic books and no distribution. This was before Amazon or Nook. Getting into book stores was nearly impossible and after much frustration dealing with store managers, Jonathan decided to go the DIY route and start his own publishing company. Planning, research and personal savings led to the launch of Charles River Press LLC in October, 2003. In addition to publishing his own books, CRP would publish the works of his family as well as other talented authors turned away by the big houses. Ten years passed as Jonathan continued working his three jobs as a Boston IT/Media Tech, a publisher, and an author.

In the fall of 2012, Jonathan followed up on a link sent to him by one of his authors, The Hollywood Book Festival was accepting submissions. Jonathan visited the website and experienced that sense of knowing common to intuitive people. Though he had never entered his book in a contest, Jonathan knew he was going to win and promptly sent in his submission. Six months later, Jonathan received a call from that same author letting him know the winners had been announced. Jonathan visited the website, and to his surprise and delight, learned he had not only won his category, he had also been awarded Top Honors, further validating his sense that Ram is destined for a film, TV, and gaming franchise.

In August of 2015, Jonathan sent his press kit to producer Lloyd Levin and received an encouraging reply. Mr. Levin could not add another project to his already long list. However, he thanked Jonathan for sharing his work and felt Jonathan had tapped into something special deserving of a Hollywood film. Jonathan decided to again go the DIY route and launch his own production company. After two months of building a website and drafting a business model, Mind World Entertainment LLC was incorporated in October 2015.


"'A Cry for a Hero' is an awesome combination of two worlds I love - superheroes and spirituality."
Charlie Jackson - Cataclysm Games


Mind World Entertainment is a production company providing rich media content for web, TV and film.

YouTube highlights

A Cry for a Hero, The Web Series
Done for the pure fun ot it. Jonathan is well-known as a comic book nerd.

Old Souls wins Best Sci-Fi Award
Old Souls wins Best Sci-Fi award at the New England Book Festival.

Ram v Marvel v DC
The Man of Mist takes on the combined might of the Marvel and DC Universe.


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