Ram I Am

The Man of Mist returns to face his most deadly foe yet.

Can Jack, Vonya, and Dr. Keef stop a trio of superpowered rogue scientists bent on obliterating the Middle East?

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The release date has been pushed back to Dec. 2018.

The Phantom of Steel is Back

Jonathan Womack's debut novel, A CRY FOR A HERO, introduces fiction's first out-of-body superhero, the Mighty Ram, aka, Colorado farmer, Jack Ramsey. In that story, Jack has a harrowing experience in the Rocky Mountains that triggers a blissful OBE, and Jack learns he can leave and return to his physical body more or less at will. Jack's exploring turns dire when he stumbles upon a terrorist plot to saturate Americans with a red satellite beam that angers and irritates the masses. Jack answers the call, using his newfound powers to fight the terrorists.

Along the way, Jack meets a woman of distinction, the resourceful sharpshooter turned KGB assassin, Vonya Sarjenko, who is also fighting the bad guys. Jack and Vonya are joined by Dr. Hadji Keef, metaphysical researcher and founder of the Keef Institute in Virginia. Together, they struggle to save the city of Boston and millions of citizens from certain doom. The story was written prior to 9/11, which is also the author's birthday.

The sequel, Ram I Am, again features Muslims as part of the story. This time around the roles are reversed. Three American scientists who study sacred, ancient technology have gained superpowers and are bent on destroying the Middle East. Jack/Ram, Vonya, and Dr. Keef race to stop the rogue scientists from killing millions and destroying the seat of Islam.

The book was originally scheduled for release in December of 2012 during the galactic alignment. Womack studies the sciences of spin fields and Platonic solids in his quest for understanding and bases his book releases on metaphysical factors as well as standard marketing strategies.

Some of these esoteric ideas are delved into just enough to spark curiosity and provide some word candy between the action scenes.

Read an excerpt.



Free Energy

The earth grid, free energy, and so-called sacred-science are common themes in Ram I Am. It will come as no suprise that Jonathan will be writing and producing a streaming TV pilot, Sacred Science - The Hidden Truth.

Some of the industry's top talents have expressed interest in appearing on Sacred Science. You can watch a teaser below.

Sacred Science

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A Cry for a Hero, The Web Series
Done for the pure fun ot it. Jonathan is well-known as a comic book nerd.

Global Guardians v Evil League
2D animation homage led to a fully animated 3D film currently in production.

Ram v Marvel v DC
The Man of Mist takes on the combined might of the Marvel and DC Universe.


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