The Dolphinius Effect

Do dolphins have superpowers? Fukushima has radiated the Pacific and caused freakish changes in fish and ceteceans.

Jack is contacted by a psychic dolphin with incredible powers who tells Jack of a raging war by the Navy and their slaughter of thousands of ceteceans.

Together, Jack, Vonya, and Dolphinus race to save the land-dwellers from a retaliatory extinction event.

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Spirit of Dolphinius


The Navy's War on Cetaceans

In the thrilling sequel to Ram I Am, Jack and Vonya are vacationing at the Monterey Aquariam when Jack receives a chilling distress call unlike any other, a dire plea emanating from the sea, another tortured soul crying out for a hero. Jack transforms into his super alter ego, Ram, and tracks the signal to its source, encountering a male, bottle-nosed dolphin who calls himself Dolphinius. Dolphinius is hoping there are decent-hearted humans who can help him and his pod.

Ram learns of an insane war takng place between the US Navy and cetaceans worldwide. As the clock ticks toward a cataclysmic retaliation against the humans, Ram and Vonya must battle a new foe with unimaginable power from enacting a devious plot. Coming soon.

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A Cry for a Hero - available on iBooks

Water Lasers

Dolphins are able to generate rainbows of laser-light underwater. Womack takes this phenomenon and works it into the story. Womack claims cetaceans also have the ability to effect the earth's magnetic field.

You can read more about dolphin water lasers here.

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A Cry for a Hero, The Web Series
Done for the pure fun ot it. Jonathan is well-known as a comic book nerd.

Global Guardians v Evil League
2D animation homage led to a fully animated 3D film currently in production.

Ram v Marvel v DC
The Man of Mist takes on the combined might of the Marvel and DC Universe.


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