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Listen to Jonathan's interview on The Other Side of Midnight. Jonathan comes in one hour into the show and talks for hours 2 and 3.





































Editorial Reviews

RAM I AM Editorial Reviews

"Loved it, plays out like something from the Marvel Universe only with topics germane to the Truth-Seeker set." Keith Laney , The Hidden Mission



"With his fourth superhero offering, Womack is emerging as the Stan Lee of novelists." - Matt Reyes, New England Comics


Review by: Charlie Jackson Multi-platform Game Reviewer - Cataclysm Games

Title: Ram I Am by Jonathan Womack Publisher: Charles River Press Hardcover, Dec. 21, 2018

ISBN: 9781940676357

SPOILER ALERT - “With great power comes great responsibility, and that's especially true when you're able to sense desperate calls for help and travel across the globe in the time it takes to picture your destination. Ram, a superhero born of Jack Ramsey's out of body experiences, is capable of these things and so much more, and feels compelled to use them for good.

Ram I Am, the sequel to Ram's origin story, A Cry for a Hero, takes place a year later, meaning that Jack is now much more experienced with Ram's powers. He helps spirits cross over, he saves people in need, he patrols the planet and he fights pirates on September 11th. Yep, that's right, Ram I Am takes place on September 11th. Ram is patrolling, using his "psychic-sonar" to detect any potential terrorists that would love to terrorize the country on the anniversary of the terrible terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. He picks up a signal, but it's not terrorists, it's a swordsman trying to take on three pirates while protecting a woman! Ram watches as the swordsman is murdered, then enters his body, yanks the sword from the would-be corpse and defeats the pirates (without killing anyone, as Ram pledged not to kill anyone a year prior), then leaves the body behind to return to his lab.

This isn't the first year that Jack has felt compelled to travel into the past to rescue someone, and Dr. Keef points out that it happened on the same day and time last year. He's worried Jack may not know everything he needs to know about his abilities as Ram, and boy does it come at the worst time! It turns out there really is a threat to America, but it's far worse than anyone could have guessed. On the bright side there's already a plan to stop it, but unfortunately for Jack, Dr. Keef, and Vonya Sarjenko (Jack's significant other and badass gal in her own right), the plan includes a preemptive strike involving scientists with superpowers commandeering the Keef Institute by force if necessary.

From the moment I cracked open Ram I Am, I was hooked. It isn't often that superheroes in present day get called to fight pirates with a sword in the British Isles, and immediately after Ram returns to the Institute, where there are numerous nonstop plots. Is Jack safe as Ram? He has to put himself into a state of near-death using his mantra - "be dead..." - to exit his body as Ram, and it certainly wouldn't be far-fetched for him to be hurt or even killed if something went wrong with the process. And even that's only when Jack can find a safe place to keep his body since he's defenseless in that state with his spirit hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Then there are the sudden, mysterious visitors to the Keef Institute, the amazing work that Dr. Keef is doing with drawing power from the earth like ancient civilizations did, a threat from the Middle East that could destroy the entire USA, and a potential preemptive strike that could take out the entire Middle East instead. With such high stakes, what can Ram, the brilliant Dr. Keef, and the kickass Vonya Sarjenko do to stop it, and how can anyone even try to choose what's best in less than 24 hours with so much going on? And it all happens on Jack's 30th birthday no less!

As action-packed as Ram I Am is from beginning to end, the book is also chock-full of themes. Out of body experiences (OBEs) are a big part of both books in the series thus far, and they're a big part of the author's life as well. In fact, several things in the Ram books are linked to author Jonathan Womack. Jack and Jonathan were both born on September 11th, and both have experienced major OBEs. The book also utilizes the theme of American/Middle Eastern relations, from the book taking place on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attack to the twists and turns of the plots by both sides to eradicate each other in the name of peace and retribution.

Ram has a spirit guide, his teacher, who helps him with his spiritual growth. Perhaps due to this or due to the nature of being a disembodied spirit, Ram and Jack sometimes feel like night and day: Jack is dealing with a slew of issues immediately around him for the greater good of those he loves, but Ram sees things on a much larger scale and feels more at peace about it all, even in moments of great strife where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. In fact, not only does Ram save people like a typical superhero would, he also helps spirits cross over when they're clinging to this earthly life or are scared or confused by what happened. This balance between Jack being right up in the action as a very mortal man facing off against supervillains and paranormal foes juxtaposed with Ram, who's essentially the spirit version of Superman (hence his nicknames, "Phantom of Steel" and "Man of Mist") who is able to literally see the entire planet at a glance from space, is terrific.

It's also quite funny at times, such as seeing Jack talk about how badly he'd love to kick a certain jerk's ass, then promising he won't since he knows it's not right. In addition to numerous themes, Jonathan also gives us a look at each of the characters. While I loved A Cry for a Hero, it had been years since I read it and I honestly forgot pretty much everything about it. Ram I Am does a great job of defining the main characters - Jack, Vonya, and Dr. Keef - again. I also liked that women are far from helpless, weak, or unintelligent in the book, and that this is a "clean" novel without detailed intimate scenes. The good guys aren't the only ones with insight in the book; Jonathan shows us the point of view of the villains as well. Every good story needs a good villain, and it's always nice when even the bad guys are doing what they do because they feel like it's the right thing. That doesn't mean I agree with all of them; one villain was much more monstrous (literally and metaphorically) than the others, but the other two were deep characters with their own levels of inner conflict as well.

But what makes Ram I Am such a terrific book is the author's writing style. It's fun but tense, and I loved that I always felt like I was right there in the middle of it like a silent fourth character. The pop culture references were all excellent as well, like Nuke (the lead tech guy) getting his nickname from his real name sounding close to Duke Nukem or how Agent Robert Frazier looked like Michael Chiklis, grew up in the same suburb, and “Chiklis went to Hollywood to play the part of a hero; Frazier went to the nation’s capital to live it.” In a very dangerous situation Jonathan writes that a character “felt like Captain Kirk beaming a red-shirted guard to an unknown planet”, which is something my gal and I joke about with characters on a regular basis ourselves.

He also sometimes compares Ram to Superman; my favorite nickname for Ram is "Phantom of Steel" and it's used during a fight scene that felt like a duel straight out of the movie Man of Steel. Even the descriptions are humorous at times, like a scene where he compares a room lit with ultraviolet light to “hippie den hues”. And the book includes a slew of “in the time it takes to...” lines that fit the situation, such as “in the time it takes to sketch a villain” regarding the speed of a villain's actions, or "in the time it takes to don a cape" for Ram doing something heroic. Like the pop culture references, these are scattered throughout and never felt heavy-handed, they were just a little icing on the cake for this lifelong fantasy/superhero/sci-fi lover. Overall, Ram I Am is a terrific book. It has a bunch of action, tension, humor, varying themes, solid writing, and villains that are as relatable as the heroes. I never felt that "ugh I hate this character" feeling, and if I were to re-read it there aren't any scenes I'd want to skip over. The pop culture references are terrific but not such deep cuts that people will be confused, and I can (and do!) recommend it to anyone in their mid-to-late teens and up since there's no graphic sex or violence.” # # #


"A tour-de-force from start to finish." -Manuel Matas,M.D., clinical psychiatrist/author


"Womack's writing reminds me of Milton; it's immediate, it's action, it's wonderful." Andrew A. Currie, storyboard artist for film and television.





OLD SOULS Editorial Reviews

"Old Souls is a fast-paced, superhero tale with vivid prose that negates the need for panels." - David Winnick, Wizard Magazine


"I began reading Old Souls at a time when I was under tremendous pressure due to heavy academic work. I said to myself I would read a few pages every week but when I began reading Old Souls, it was unputtable. I read the book for two straight days, very engrossing and kept me asking for more. Many pages were so powerful that they created a 3d imaginary in my head. I felt I was there physically witnessing the story unfold. Old Souls is much more than a work of fiction. It is a courageous reminder of our true nature and higher purpose of our existence." - Vishnu Karthic - Instructor, The Heritage School, India


THE DOGMAN COMETH Editorial Reviews

"The imagery created by Womack's writing and incredible imagination was riveting." - Donna San Antonio - Lecturer, Harvard University


TITLE: The Dogman Cometh Author: Jonathan Womack Publisher: Charles River Press ISBN 9780979130465 Release Date: October 28, 2008 Genre: Action/Drama Publisher's website Review by: Randy O'Brien, News Director, WMOT FM, Nashville, TN

In this classically structured action/adventure story involving a Native American and his vision quest, novelist Jonathan Womack has crafted a deeply moving and life-affirming novel. Set in the stark beauty of Glacier National Park, Montana, Park-Ranger Jared Neeling is despondent and depressed when he escapes certain death. Jared is then called upon by his Cheyenne ancestors to confront a brutal serial killer who is searching for an amulet that will endow him with the power to destroy the Cheyenne race. Blinded in an unfortunate accident, Jared is forced to call upon inner strength and supernatural development of his remaining four senses to aid him in his journey. Along the way, Jared meets noted anthropologist Jessica Corbett, the leader of a team of nine diggers murdered by the supernaturally strong and evil Zach Arsonault. Jessica is the keeper of one half of the magical amulet and soon becomes a pawn of desire for both men. Set on the night of a lunar eclipse, this tale of action and suspense twists and turns like the mountain passes traversed by Jared and his beloved horse, Stonewalker. Each character is fully realized, told in a knowing and wise narration, "The Dogman Cometh" is seeped in ancient lore and flowing with blood and violence. The gory climax features the best fight to the death in many moons, as Jared and Zach square off, calling on otherworldly powers to settle their conflict. Open your mind to influences from paranormal energies, auras, ghosts, zombies and spontaneous healing, and "the Dogman Cometh" is a hopeful tome of our connection to the universe.


Midwest Book Review - The Dogman Cometh By Jonathan Womack Charles River Press $14.95 ISBN: 978-0-9791304-6-5 One needs to be careful of whom they trust. "The Dogman Cometh" is the story of Jessica Corbett, an anthropologist investigating the lost group of one hundred Cheyenne who fled into the Montana Mountains over a century ago. All is not for the name of science and history, though. Jessica soon learns that she may become history as one of her crew is out for her head. Unknown roots and legends of murderous white devils complicate the situation, making "The Dogman Cometh" a riveting read indeed. James A Cox Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review


"A wilderness that is both mystical and treacherous provides the backdrop for Jonathan Womack's novel, The Dogman Cometh. Each chapter ends leaving the reader wanting to discover, along with our park ranger protagonist Jared, what secrets are hidden in the caverns, valleys, and mountains in Montana where he nearly dies after an accidental fall. The action-packed present, fused with the repercussions of a blood laden past and secret knowledge from his lost Cheyenne heritage, make for a thrilling novel packed with action, romance, and mystery." -Anita K. Wadhwa, MFA Doctoral Student Culture, Communities and Education Harvard Graduate School of Education


"Painting powerful imagery, Womack leaves readers with no choice but to ride alongside hero and villain on a credibly crafted, heart-pounding journey into the Montana wilds." - Gary Starta, author of Blood Web


Jonathan, I just finished The Dogman Cometh and was immediately caught up again....even though I had read some of it before! A sign of a good story is that someone will want to read it over and over don't you think? As always, your "pictures" are clear (AMAZING descriptions-I felt as if I was there). The plot has enough similarity to A Cry For A Hero to bring back your first-time followers and I truly enjoyed it, even though I am not a great lover of Indian lore etc. (and I have Iroquois ancestry). Great job - I look forward to helping you any way we can. Vicki Murtaugh - Media Play, Buffulo, NY


A CRY FOR A HERO Editorial Reviews

"A book you will not forget, written ahead of its time." - Chris SanAntonio, Senior researcher, Boston Museum of Science

"An outstanding read, we are delighted to honor it." - Bruce Haring - Hollywood Book Festival

"A Cry for a Hero is a really awesome combination of two worlds I love - superheroes and spirituality. Jack Ramsey, aka Ram, has a near-death experience that leads to him discovering he can leave his body at will, able to fly at insane speeds and interact with the world in all sorts of crazy-yet-entirely-believable ways. This is Ram's origin story, and it has all the humor, action and intrigue you could ever want from one. As with any good origin story, Jack isn't able to freely explore, mastering his abilities, no! He quickly comes across something entirely unique, and Jack feels compelled to figure out what's going on, stumbling into an epic plot. Without giving any spoilers, I can say Jack/Ram comes across some worthy foes, ones that are also suited to the spiritual realm where Jack operates as Ram. One of my favorite things about the book isn't just that Ram is such an awesome superhero, it's that Jack is still such an ordinary guy. He's a farmer, has real friends and a heart, and that shows both in his time as Ram and as himself. One of the biggest weaknesses that Ram faces is that his physical body must stay focused, nearly dead, which can be a serious problem if the bad guys come across him in that state, or even concerned folks who are worried he's in need of medical assistance! Like any good superhero, Jack/Ram is imperfect, with weaknesses, and needs to rely on folks he can trust. As I said, this book combines the world of superheroes with spirituality. To achieve this state of near death and become Ram, Jack experiences OBEs - Out of Body Experiences. This is a really unique way to bring knowledge about them to the masses, and while the book doesn't touch on them in much depth, I think that's for the best in an origin story - even Jack doesn't fully comprehend what they are, after all, and to go too in depth may throw some folks off of wanting to read this book. All in all, A Cry for a Hero is an awesome book. Luckily, it's also a bit old, meaning a sequel us coming soon! I'm looking very forward to reading it, and if it can live up to the standards of this one, author Jonathan Womack has one heck of a series going!" - Charlie Jackson, Cataclysm Games

A Cry for a Hero Review by Fallen Angel Reviews - "While out camping in the woods with two of his friends, Jack Ramsey has a frightening run in with a bear that leads to his discovery of unexplained powers. As Jack explores his mystical powers, he comes across a strange red light coming out of the night sky. He soon learns that the light is from a satellite high above the Earth that spreads hate and negative thoughts to anyone it touches. Jack gathers that Methuselah Al Din, a terrorist determined to obliterate America, is behind the satellite weapon and Jack understands that his newfound powers were given to him to stop the destruction. As Jack is trying to stop the terrorist, he saves the life of Vonya, a Russian spy who has first hand knowledge of the psychic powers that are being used as warfare. Will Jack and Vonya be able to stop the terrorist before he implements his plan to kill millions of Americans? Will Al Din's powers be too great for them to stop? A Cry For A Hero is an exciting adventure unlike anything I've ever read before. It was original and creative with an extremely descriptive plot that left me feeling as if I was there instead of just reading about it. The characters throughout this powerful story are detailed and enjoyable. Jonathan Womack is a highly talented storyteller with a meticulous eye for detail. He is sure to seize the attention of anyone who picks up this book."Reviewed by: Tammy * * *

Review by Angela Wilds for Fantasy Novel Reviews-   "An act of carelessness on a camping trip causes things to go horribly wrong for Jack Ramsey. When a scavenging grizzly rips apart his camp, Jack is literally scared to death. And that triggers an out-of-body experience. Suddenly, outside his body, watching his friends try to resuscitate him, Jack discovers what he should have recognized all along: all mankind has an immortal soul, be he sinner or saint! How could he have missed that or the wonder of all the universe? He suddenly has an overwhelming urge to investigate this new state of being. Taking off for the wild blue yonder, Jack leaves his body behind. How long can his body survive without him? Somehow he knows his body will pull him back before it’s too late. As he soars around the universe, he discovers the interconnection between all living things, a force that gives him many powers he could never have in his corporal state. All too soon he feels the tug that tells him it’s time to reunite with his body. As he awakens, he determines to explore this new source of power more closely. As he continues his forays into the unknown, he meets the sultry Vonya (ex-KGB and on the run from a twisted terrorist leader, Al Dinn, and his evil henchmen), uncovers a plot to lay low the United States of America, and develops his alter-ego Ram, the superhero of his childhood days. What develops is an action-packed tale--written for the adult. Follow Ram through secret military encampments, covert operations and valiant rescues. What sadistic plans are Al Dinn and his followers hatching? Will Ram develop his new powers quickly enough to save Uncle Sam from ultimate disaster? You’ll just have to read A Cry for a Hero to find out! Towering Terrorists Thrillers, Batman! The comic book superhero has come of age!


When I read the synopsis of A Cry for a Hero, I had a vision of the old Batman TV series. I thought, "Well that could be a fun review." So I went to and read the excerpt that appeared there. The writing I found there left me wanting to read more. After finishing the book, I am compelled to say, "Every once in a great while, a new talent comes along that has the potential for greatness. I feel that Jonathan Womack is one such talent." Mr. Womack has the great gift of evoking feelings and painting pictures with words, creating a tale that carries the reader along with the hero. When Ram flies to the rescue, the reader flies along, too--Robin to his Batman. When Ram encounters the bad guys, the reader is there sharing the chills, thrills and dangers. When Ram falls in love with Vonya, flames ignite! Womack has matured the comic book hero and penned a novel adults will love to read. Grade: A+ Note: Mr. Womack is now working on The Dogman Cometh, a story of a Cheyenne Dogman and his struggle to prevent the extinction of his race. I’ve read an excerpt and it looks to live up to the excellence of A Cry for a Hero. Fantasy Novel Reviews looks forward to reviewing this second offering of Jonathan Womack."


Review by Love Romance Reviews - "While camping with two friends, Jack Ramsey has an out of body experience for the first time. He learns that he has powers that are in league with the comic book superheroes of his youth. While experimenting with his newfound powers, Jack finds himself flying high above the ground when he spots a satellite that is being run by people that have similar mystical powers to his, only these people wish to use their powers for evil. The results are violence and terror targeting the United States. While trying to stop the terrorists, Jack saves the life of a renegade, Vonya who the terrorists are trying to kill before she finds a way to put a stop to their evil plot. Now Vonya and Jack team up and join forces to end the terrorists' plan of destruction. And maybe forge a romantic relationship should they both survive. When reading the blurb for A CRY FOR A HERO this reviewer could see the superheroes of old in her minds' eye and just had to read this offering by author Jonathan Womack, and for the first half of the book was not disappointed. This reader found it very intriguing, exciting and full of energy. Jack's superhero alter ego, Ram is dynamic and everything a comic hero should be, powerful, smart, and of course chivalrous. But as the tale wove on and on, this reader's attention began to wan and wander. A CRY FOR A HERO had mucho action throughout, but it was a bit blah action in the middle. However, the intrigue picked back up and the book came to a most satisfying end. The characters in A CRY FOR A HERO are well written and Jack is definitely multi-dimensional. The tale explores his past family life, his friends, and of course his super powers. While the leading lady in our story is not so thoroughly explored, Vonya is a character that will titillate the reader and as an underdog, one will most assuredly be in her corner. Mr. Womack has a wonderful read that kept this reader entertained for many an hour. The prose was smooth and without blemish. Sit back and enjoy!"


"Womack has created a superhero for the new millenium. A Cry for a Hero is an instant classic." Dennis Latham - Author of Driving With Ace and The Bad Season


"A Cry for a Hero will lift your soul to new heights." Joetta Mitchell - Top Amazon reviewer


"I am halfway through with A Cry for a Hero and I am loving every word of it! The premise fascinates me, and Jonathan Womack is one of the few authors I have read whose storytelling talent makes a reader feel as though the author is speaking specifically to them. I admire that ability!" Donna Stewart - Psi-Fi Para-Radio


"In this mind-over-matter thriller, terrorists meet their match in an ordinary American with extraordinary powers. Jubilant, thought provoking, and most of all, fun! Hoorah for A Cry For A Hero. Mike Ryan, Author of "Begin With Me" and "Boston Baked Churchill"


"This novel will have your attention at "be dead." I was extremely pleased with Jonathan Womack's writing. The main character finds his true meaning of living, and it no longer is just surviving the days peacefully with his friends as they camp, fish and enjoy simpler activities. Life can be this simple until a life-altering experience changes Jack's focus to stopping a possible world-ending event begun by forces Jack never knew existed. He is compelled by a greater being to follow his destiny-and in doing so DOES become a hero and discovers his life purpose. Whether you read sci-fi, general fiction, romance or new age, you will find Mr. Womack's first novel worth your time. Even more interesting is the information on his book jacket. It explains a lot of where the author's ideas came from." Vicki Murtaugh - Media Play, Buffulo, NY


"Synchronistically born on September 11, Jonathan wrote "A Cry for a Hero", a tale of an "American superhero vs. terrorists", prior to September 11, 2001, giving the story surreal prophetic qualities. The author of multiple books, Jonathan has had a profound spiritual journey which he reflects through all of his fiction, exploring questions of spirituality, faith, the brevity of life and what becomes of us after death, enduring questions for the ages brought into particularly sharp focus with the events of recent years. - Susan Larison Danz




Myspace Reviews Bulletin posted by: Odin Current mood: Positive Category: Writing and Poetry - "Today I want to get in touch with my reader friends. This is just a friendly heads up, if you need a good book to read, check out "A Cry for a Hero" by Jonathan Womack. I'll give you a quick rundown on what I think. I have him listed as 1 on my friends list for easy access to information on his amazing performance in putting together one of the most interesting and well designed heroes of novel history. With clever twists, Jack Ramsey becomes quite the character, full of life as he's painted into your mind with a very talented hand. Best described here "29 year old Jack Ramsey grew up in the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains. As a youth, Jack emulated comic book superheroes, a tucked-in towel for a cape, T-shirt and jeans in place of tights. Those times are far behind now, his heroes long since put on the shelf. Until one fateful day, when a terrifying encounter triggers a profound metamorphosis that forever changes him, awakening a power both wonderful and shocking." In my eyes, Jack reflects the author a bit with his cunning charm and intellectual humor. So bold is he to take the reader to the next level in doing something I've never seen done in this form of a novel before. Jonathan animates "out of body experiences" or "astral projections" to accomplish some very crafty and captivating moments that will have you saying, "I don't think I've ever read anything like it." This can be considered a thrill ride on the sci-fi roller coaster blasting you through a fascinating new approach to heroism that will whisk you away from your everyday life. I give this a 5 out of 5 and it only gets better, Jonathan has another book on the way. I won't give away any specific information on it, just know that if you become a fan, you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to rush to Barnes and Noble the day it hits the shelf. A crowning achievement, my hats off! Want to learn more? He will be 1 on my list for the next week and if you miss this opportunity, he will always be available via search on myspace as well as my friends list, and his website,"

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Jonathan speaks openly about his OBE's at most live appearances. Here are two examples.

There and Back; Adventures on the Astral Plane

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Ralph's Book Store Friday 3pm to 5pm 215 S Montana Ave Sept. 5, 2008 Casper, WY 307-234-0308 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Saturday 2pm to 5pm 4045 S. College Sept. 6, 2008 Ft. Collins, CO 80525 970-225-3777 Book Signing

KOLT 1320 AM Wednesday 10 am Scottsbluff, NE. Sept. 10, 2008 Radio Interview with host Jared Horak 308-635-1320 Simulcast on KMDR, KAYY, and KOZY Radio click here to listen

Copperfield Books Thursday 5pm - 7pm 2302 Frontage Rd. Sept. 11, 2008 Scottsbluffs, NE. 800-658-4249 Book Signing

Boston University Radio Friday 11:15am WTBU 89.3FM 640AM October 31, 2008 Live Interview with Host Zach Stone Click here to listen

Boston Public Library Saturday 3pm - 5pm Honan-Allston Branch November 1, 2008 300 North Harvard St. Boston, MA 02134 Book Signing

Norton Public Library Monday 6pm - 7:45pm East Main Street November 10, 2008 Norton, MA 02766 Book Signing

Waldenbooks Friday 4pm to 7pm Warwick Mall November 14, 2008 400 Bald Hill Rd., Ste. 104 Warwick, RI 02886 401.737.9222 Book Signing

Borders Books and Music Friday 7pm - 9pm 280 School Street December 5, 2008 Mansfield, MA 02048 Phone: 508.339.1188 Book Signing

KGNU 1390AM Denver Sunday 11:30am - EST 88.5FM Boulder Dec. 14, 2008 Radio Interview Click here to listen



Pandemonium Books Friday 7pm - 8pm 4 Pleasant Street March 30 Central Square 2007 Cambridge, Ma. 02139 617-547-3721 Book Signing

The Tuscan Cafe Friday 7pm - 9pm South St. June 1 Warwick, NY 10990 2007 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Sunday 11am - 1pm 235 Daniel Webster Highway June 10 Nashua, NH. 603-888-0533 2007 Book Signing

Harvard University Wednesday 12pm to 1pm Graduate School of Education August 22 open to students, faculty, and staff Gutman Library 2007 6 Appian Way Cambridge, MA. 02138 Book Signing/Discussion



Barnes & Noble Friday 7 - 9pm 270 Hartford Ave. January 13 Bellingham, MA 02019 2006 508-966-7600 Book Signing

Boston University Radio Friday 11 - 11:30am WTBU 89.3FM 640AM January 27 Live Interview with host 2006 Geoff Adelman Click here to listen

All events from February through April are canceled due to injuries suffered in a car accident. Please check back for updates.

Canton Public Library Thursday 7 - 9pm 786 Washington St. May 4th, Canton, MA 02021 2006 Phone: 781-575-6632 Book Signing/Discussion

Barnes & Noble Friday 7 - 9pm Lincoln Plaza July 14 541 D. Lincoln Street 2006 Worcester, MA 01605 508-853-2236 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Friday 6:30 - 8:30pm 8030 Renaissance Parkway July 28 Durham, NC 27713 2006 919-806-1930 Book Signing/Reading

Barnes & Noble Saturday 2 - 5pm 4720 Sharon Road July 29 Charlotte, NC 28210 2006 704-554-7906 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Friday 1 - 3pm 769 Iyannough Road August 11 Hyannis, MA. 02601 2006 508-862-6310 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Sunday Lecture 1pm Warwick Center August 27, Adventures on the Astral Plane 1350-B Balk Hill Rd. 2006 Signing 2 - 4pm Warwick, RI. 401-826-8885 Discussion - Book Signing 2 - 3pm

Barnes & Noble Saturday Reading 301 Main St. September 16 Discussion Exton(Philadelphia), PA. 2006 3pm - 5pm 610-524-8806 Signing Discussion - Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Friday 6:30 - 8:30pm The Derby Street Shops September 29 96 Derby Street Suite 300 2006 Hingham, MA. 02043 781-749-3319 Book Signing

B. Dalton's Booksellers Saturday 1pm - 3pm South Shore Mall October 21 250 Granite Street 2006 Braintree, MA. 02184 781-848-4200 Book Signing 7 pm

Tatnuck Bookseller Friday "The Out of Body Experience" 18 Lyman Street October 27 Book Signing Westborough, MA 01581 2006 8pm Tel: 508-366-4959 Lecture/Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Wednesday 7pm - 9pm Rt. 1, Boston Providence Highway November 8 Walpole, Ma. 508-668-1303 Book Signing

Fiske Public Library Wednesday 7pm - 9pm 110 Randall Road November 15 Wrentham, MA (508) 384-5440 2006 Discussion - Book Signing

Harvard University Graduate School of Education Martin Luther King School Tuesdays Office of School Partnerships 2nd grade reading Nov '05 - Jan '06 Reading Buddy Program/Cambridge School Volunteers

Whole Health Expo Sat - Sun There and Back Again Boston - Metro West October 8 - 9 Sat. - 2pm Holiday Inn 2005 Booth Signing Boxborough, MA Saturday and Sunday Lecture/Book Signing

WOR New York Talk Radio Wednesday September 21 2005 2pm New York, NY Interview with Joe Franklin of the Internationally Syndicated Radio Program "The Joe Franklin Show" Click here to listen

WBSM 1420AM Friday 11am - Noon New Bedford, MA. August 12, 2005 22 Sconticut Neck Road Fairhaven, MA 02719 Business line: 508-993-1767 Open Line: 508-996-0500 Wareham & The Cape: 508-291-0500 Live interview with radio talk show host Evan Rousseau Click here to listen

Baker Books Saturday 1pm - 3pm 69 State Rd. (Route 6) August 13, Dartmouth, MA. 2005 1-800-339-6705 Book Signing

Warsaw Public Library Saturday 1:30 to 3:30pm 310 E. Main St. June 18, Warsaw, Indiana 574-267-6011 2005 Book Signing

Staples Tuesday 11am to 4pm Erin's Center April 12, Rt. 140 and West St. 2005 Mansfield, MA. 508-261-2889 Book Signing 

Charles N. Fortes Elementary Thursday Two 6th grade Providence, Rhode Island April 7th, writing workshops Children's Workshop 2005

Charles N. Fortes Elementary Monday 4th and 5th grade writing workshops Providence, Rhode Island April 4th, Children's Workshop



Whole Health Expo Sat. April 2, 2005 Sun. April 3, 2005 Clarion Hotel & Conference Center Lecture Book signing 1 Atwood Drive 10am-11am Noon -2pm North Hampton, Ma. Berkshire Room Booth #39 Book signing Book Signing/Lecture 11am -1pm Hotel Lobby 2004

Media Play Saturday 2 - 4pm McKinley Mall Shopping Center Dec. 3, 2004 3701 McKinely Parkway Hamburg(Buffalo) New York 14219 716-826-4353 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Thursday 12pm - 2pm Student Union Building Atwood Ave. Dec. 2, 2004 Buffalo State College Campus Buffalo, New York 716-878-5509 Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Saturday 12pm-2pm Rt. 1, Boston Providence Highway October 16, Walpole, Ma. 508-668-1303 2004 Book Signing

Book Expo America Fri-Sat-Sun Booth #3504 McCormick Place Convention Center June 4-6, 2004 Fri 10-6 Chicago, IL. Sat 10-2:30 Book Signing/Photo Op Sun 10-3 Booth #102

Body Mind Spirit Expo Sat-Sun Sat. 10-7pm Indianapolis State Fair Grounds May 8,9 Sun 10-5pm Indianapolis, Indiana Lecture Book Signing/Lecture Sat 11am

Barnes & Noble Friday 7pm-9pm 4140 W. Jefferson Blvd. March 19, '04 Jefferson Pointe Mall Ft. Wayne, Indiana Book Signing

The Whole Health Expo Sat-Sun Sat. 10-5 Clarion Hotel and Conference Center March 13,14 2004 Sun 10-5 North Hampton, Ma. Lecture Book Signing/Lecture. Sun 12pm

Bookends Thursday 7pm -9pm Mansfield Ave. October 12 Mansfield, MA. 2003 Book Signing

Norton Public Library Saturday Noon - 2pm East Main Street September 28 Norton, MA 2003 Book Signing/Discussion


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