Legend of the Dogman

When Dogman finds a Mexican drug gang taking up residence on the sacred land of his ancestors, Dogman sends a deadly warning to the gang’s leader and comes away with the drug lord’s feisty, Latino girlfriend as a hostage.

What Dogman learns from the woman chills his soul and together they travel to the concrete wilds of New York city to reconnect with Jesse and confront the head of a global enemy.


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The Dogman in New York

In the fingernail-biting sequel to The Dogman Cometh, Legend of the Dogman picks up the story three months after the events of the Dogman Cometh.

Jared has returned to life on his Montana farm and relocated his mentor, Two Hearts, to live with him. Jessica has returned to New York to a media circus and law enforcement questions about the murder of her team while on a dig in Montana. She becomes embroiled in suspicion and media bullying.


On a spirit walk into the mountains with his friends Stonewalker, eagle, and Lightdog, Jared discovers a Mexican drug gang squatting on the land of his forefathers, descrating the sacred bowl where the medicine men would pray to the sun, moon and earth. Deeply disturbed, Jared understands this is a job for Dogman, and takes it upon himself to rid the mountain of the scabby invaders. Dogman is further shocked when he learns the gang leader’s identity, and soon departs for New York where he reconnects with Jesse to stop a malevolent force from carrying out a despicable plot to kill millions.

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Hotuh Metuh Neyah

The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers were the bravest warriors who stood as a last line of defense against attackers.

When facing off with an enemy, a Dog Soldier would stick his pin into the ground and latch his waist-sash to it, thereby creating a perimeter he would defend to the death.

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